Your Opinion Matters

As of today, we have 13 vendors registered for the June 21st event!  Sellers will be coming from Pittsburgh, Kimbolton, Zanesville, Beverly and right here in Marietta.  Now it’s time to ask what you would like to see at Marietta Marketplace.

As I mentioned before, we want the Marketplace to be more than a flea market.  We want to establish an event that people will look forward to and mark on their calendars.  To that end, we’d like to include additional activities or highlights beyond the vendor booths.  So what would draw you in?  A workshop taught by a local craftsperson or artist?  A manicurist doing nails? A stylist doing “braids, bangs or beards” with a portion of the proceeds going to charity?  What about a community service organization manning a concession booth?  Live music?  Food truck?

If you have an idea that would add some variety to the Marketplace please share!  If you or a friend have a product that is ready to be introduced to the Mid Ohio Valley, we want to meet you!

We’re off to a good start, but there is room to grow.  Come join us on June 21st!

Time Marches On…

And June 21st is quickly approaching! Time to get your application in, and mark the date on your calendar.
There has been a lot of chatter and interest in the event, but now it’s time to take the plunge! If you’ve been wondering if you should get involved in Marietta Marketplace, the answer is YES! The first time is always the scariest, and most people would rather follow than lead. Well, we’ve got our first group of vendors signed up and leading the way—why not follow their lead?

Marietta Marketplace will grow to become much more than a one-day flea. Our goal is to create an event that will benefit vendors, Marietta merchants and visitors. We envision not only an outdoor market with unique goods, but also a destination for a one tank trip. Add in some food booths, perhaps a couple of workshops, maybe some music—and you have an event! The location on the Armory lawn will make it easy for visitors to extend their shopping to the nearby shops and eateries, and prominent signage will direct them to Harmar across the foot bridge.

If you are a creator, artist, upcycler, baker, vintage seller, artisan or crafter—you’re invited to apply! Click the “Apply” tab for details. And remember, Marietta Marketplace will link to your online store and promote you on its Facebook page.
Merchants, if you know of a local or regional talent who would like to showcase their items on June 21st, encourage them to check out Marietta Marketplace.

The city of Marietta has already gained high marks for its charm, friendliness, and history. We want to add another reason to visit and experience the Mid Ohio Valley!


Here is a sneak peek of the work of Greta, she is bringing some of her amazing items!

It’s More Than a Booth…

If you’re a vendor, then you know that your booth is more than a table and display area.  Your booth is your mini-store, your means to share your personal creations and welcome visitors and (hopefully) buyers.

Browse a curated flea market, and you’ll soon realize what attracts you to a vendor’s booth.  Is it the colorful banner and bright packaging?  Is it the creative use of vintage items that make you want to take them home with you?  Or is it the edgy, hip vibe you get when you take a closer look at a unique design?

As a vendor you want your items to warrant a closer look.  Draw the visitor in, convince them to stay a while and get to know you and your product.  If you are sharing a “wall” with a friend, maybe you can create a common barrier that will benefit each of you.  Make use of vertical space–use ladders, freestanding display racks,  or stack wooden crates–to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

We want to encourage our vendors to use their imagination and creativity in their displays.  So we will be awarding a prize for the Best Booth!   Whether it’s a lovely vintage vignette or great graphics in your signage, our undercover judges will decide which booth receives the award at each event.

Need some inspiration?  Check out sites like The City Flea, Vintage Bazaar, and Cleveland Flea for ideas of creative displays.

Can’t wait to see how great our vendor booths look on June 21st!