Well, we’ve been getting lots of press, the vendors are excited, we’re all watching the Weather Channel, and it’s only 4 days away!  Time to get it all together, including some directions for our first-time-to-Marietta visitors.

If you are approaching Marietta from I-77 in either direction, you will take the exit ramp and go right toward town.  You’ll drive through the business district (and some road construction, sorry) and stay on Pike street.  You will drive past the football stadium and soccer fields (and more road construction, sorry again) and keep driving until the street ends and you can only turn right or go to the Lafayette Hotel.  You will turn right, and now you are on Front Street.  Just a couple blocks and you will see the Marketplace on your left, on the lawn.  There is a public parking lot next to and behind the Armory, along with street parking.  If you can’t find parking nearby, there is another public lot across Putnam Street along the bridge.  If it’s a nice day, you will enjoy walking to the Marketplace and it will give you a chance to check out all the cool shops on Front Street and the surrounding area.

See you at the Marketplace!

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