Sweet Success!

Well, the first Marietta Marketplace dawned dreary and drizzly. We set up under gray skies, and were just putting the finishing touches on booths when the first visitors arrived! And they just kept coming! It was a great day of people discovering talented artists and artisans, snagging sweets from a favorite bake shop, and browsing unexpected treasures. The gray skies gave way to warm sun, and by the end of the day some vendors were nearly sold out, others had made new contacts and customers, and all felt it was a day well spent.

People seemed to enjoy their time both at the Marketplace and beyond—many were spotted visiting the shops and businesses nearby!

Before the end of the day, I had been asked this question many times –“when is the next one?”.
And so, before my sunburn even fades, it’s time to announce the next Marietta Marketplace—October 4th! Click the “Markets” tab for information, and the “APPLY” tab if you would are interested in joining us.

Thanks to all who participated in the first event–it took a leap of faith and you are much appreciated! Looking forward to October! Woohoo!

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