The Art of Display

Or, “How to fit all your items in a small space and show them to their best advantage”.

If you are new to the outdoor market venue, or still trying to tweak your booth set-up, you are probably stressing a bit right now!  Whether you sell jewelry, posters, furniture or food…showcasing your items to attract buyers is an art in itself.

One of the limitationbooth display 2s of booth space is that you don’t have permanent walls to pound nails into, install shelves or lean items against.  You need to rely on tables and freestanding display pieces to make the most of your space.

Your first step is to decide the layout of your booth–do you want people to enter it, as they would a room?  Or do you want to sit behind a display table, with your extra inventory behind you?  Do you want “walls” or open space all around your displays?  Once you have a plan, then you can begin to create displays and arrangements.  Jewelry is one product that lends itself to creative display—muffin tins, screens, driftwood, tiered cake hp photosmart 720stands—spend an hour on Pinterest and you’ll have more ideas than you can use!  Some vintage sellers “stack” their items, placing small stools on tables,  small items in dresser drawers, using wooden crates or vintage suitcases.  Not only does this give you more display space, but it also inspires buyers to look at your items with a new perspective and maybe decide they want to do the

The tents are stunecklace displayrdy enough to hang lightweight items, so a clothesline draped between corners or a light curtain with clips can be useful for prints, scarves and other light pieces.

Be sure to plan for “surprises”–a little breeze can cause a big mess if your paper items aren’t in place!  And don’t forget your essentials–bags, tape, extra tags, pen, change, etc.   Having a little area designated for packaging and making change will make for a smoother day.

Bottom line, have fun!  This is a friendly town and your fellow vendors are a helpful bunch.  We all have the same goal–showcase our products, widen our networks, sell our products and meet great people.

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