It’s a New Year, Let’s Get Started!

A belated Happy New Year, and welcome to Marietta Marketplace 2015! While last year proved to be a successful start to this little venture, the coming year will see it grow and become an established event in downtown Marietta.

With five dates on the calendar, and the applications already starting to come in, I am excited about the quality and variety of vendors you’ll see this year! The goal is to fill the Armory lawn with tents and booths for each event, a mix of local and out-of-town vendors. You’ll see sellers you met at earlier events, and new ones introduced at each Marketplace. My continued goal is to curate a balanced offering of art, hand crafted items, vintage and food provided by talented, creative people living in the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond.

The Marketplace isn’t just about buying and selling (although we all hope to see lots of that going on!).  Across the country, small cities and towns are recognizing the importance of having a vibrant downtown with attractive gathering spaces. In order to support the merchants and small businesses that make up the downtown, those spaces need to see large numbers of people on a regular basis. The regular visitors provide the vibrancy that attracts even more businesses; the result is a thriving downtown that adds value to the community.Downtown Marietta

By locating Marietta Marketplace in the heart of Marietta’s historic downtown, we are offering residents and visitors another great reason to spend some time in this wonderful city. Visitors  will find a charming shopping district with unique shops and eateries, just steps from the Marketplace. After spending time browsing our vendors’ booths, you are encouraged to visit the nearby merchants, cross the walking bridge to Harmar Village, enjoy the river trail and other nearby attractions.

Please check this page for Marketplace updates, special announcements and messages. For  promotions, shout-outs and other notes of interest, be sure to follow Marietta Marketplace on Facebook.  Of course, I’d be most grateful if you would help spread the word!

Steven Weber was at the October '14 Marketplace with his beautiful creations.

Steven Weber was at the October ’14 Marketplace with his beautiful creations. Photo by Monkey Business Photography

Thank you for giving Marietta Marketplace a look—whether as a potential vendor, interested visitor, or supportive community member. See you at the Armory!

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