We’re In This Together!

Okay, we’re getting ready for the May Marketplace, it’s only about a month away!  So what can we do to make it success?  First I’ll tell you what I plan to do—I’ll be spreading the word, sending out press releases, tweeting, posting, and promoting.  The week before the event you’ll see the sign on the billboard next to Big Lots (note to self–make sign!).  I’ll be leaving fliers in shops, emailing friends and colleagues, mentioning it to strangers in the checkout lines.

When you applied to be a vendor, you also agreed to be part of a team.  Did you know that?  Don’t worry, I won’facebook-share-buttont ask much of you as the date gets close.  But I do ask that you check out the Facebook page regularly.  Please share relative posts to your own page.  Be sure to let your followers know where they can find you on May 16th.  If you are an Etsy shop, I’ve created an event on my own shop, please follow the link and join https://www.etsy.com/local/event/21710090915/marietta-marketplace-may-16

If you’ve noticed the EVENT on the Facebook page, nearly 1,000 people have joined!  Even if only a portion of that number attends, we are off to a great start!  There is still room for a few more vendors, so please let your creative friends know.   We want to see that lawn filled with tents!

Art by Hart, Lydia's original work!

Art by Hart, Lydia’s original work!

Thanks again for joining us, it’s going to be a fun day ~See you at the Armory!

Hey, I applied, where’s my name?

Did you submit an application, but didn’t receive confirmation of acceptance?

First, a big thank you for your interest in Marietta Marketplace! This event can’t grow without the support and participation of vendors, the community, and visitors.  The fact that you want to be part of the Marketplace makes me very happy.

The fact that I couldn’t accept everyone makes me sad.  However, I do plan to stay true to the spirit of the Marketplace, showcasing hand made, hand crafted, vintage, upcycled, food products and other unique items locally and regionally  produced.  Although there are many amazing products being sold by local small business people, if they are mass produced, available through franchises or national networks, then sadly this venue isn’t quite the right fit.  The same applies to services such as medical procedures, home improvement, etc.

Finally, the hardest decision for me—the talented crafts person who wasn’t accepted.  Some of you create wonderful products, whether in wood, crochet, fabric, paper —you are proud of your work, and rightfully so.  However, my main goal is for every vendor to have a successful day, and see a good return on your investment of time and money.  So I take into account several factors–whether your product is seasonal and perhaps won’t sell as well during certain months, if your product will appeal to a broad audience, if you seem to have enough inventory for a busy event.  I don’t want to just take your money, give you a space, and hope for the best.  We are going for a balance of vendors that complement each other with their unique products and hopefully provide a positive experience for all.  So if you weren’t accepted for a Marketplace, trust me–it’s not a negative view of your product.  It just means this isn’t the right venue at this particular time.  But please know we wish you all the success with your business and passion for creating.

I’ll work on one event at a time, and I have a number of applications for future dates.  So while you may see favorites at more than one event, you’ll also see new vendors from near and far!

Thanks again for your interest, your application, and your enthusiasm.  See you at the Armory!