I’m Listening!


If you were at the Armory yesterday for our first Marketplace of the season, THANK YOU!  Whether you were there as a vendor, buyer, visitor, volunteer or moral support—you had a part in our success!

The rain held itself to a light shower every once in a while, a blessing for which I’m very grateful.  We saw a mix of return vendors and new ones, and all seemed to agree they had a very good day.  The cello and guitar music of siblings Scott and Ella added a pleasant ambiance, and I witnessed lots of foot traffic back and forth across Front Street.

In the next few days I’ll post some photos of the event, but for now I’d like to hear from YOU.  Please feel free to comment with your honest opinion, and I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Did you have a favorite booth?  Something you wish you had seen there?  How do you feel about the times, the location, the organization?  If you were selling, is there something I can do better?  If you were shopping, how can I make it a better experience for you?  And if you are a merchant or city official—did you see any benefit from the event?  Did your shop see more traffic?  Or did you see any negative effects I should address?

Just leave your comments, and I promise to consider each one as I move forward with the next event(s).

Junkin' Journey and Michelle Waters filled a tent with their amazing art.

Junkin’ Journey and Michelle Waters filled a tent with their amazing art.

Thanks again, see you at the Marketplace!

And Away We Go!

Well, we’ve received great (though not always accurate) press, the vendors are excited, we’re all watching the Weather Channel, and it’s only 3 days away!  Time to get it all together, including some directions for our first-time-to-Marietta visitors.map

If you are approaching Marietta from I-77 in either direction, you will take the exit ramp and go right toward town.  You’ll drive through the business district and stay on Pike street.  You will drive past the football stadium and soccer fields and keep driving until the street ends and you can only turn right or go to the Lafayette Hotel.  You will turn right, and now you are on Front Street.  Just a couple blocks and you will see the Marketplace on your left, on the lawn.  There is a public parking lot next to and behind the Armory, along with street parking.  If you can’t find parking nearby, there is another public lot across Putnam Street along the bridge.  If it’s a nice day, you will enjoy walking to the Marketplace and it will give you a chance to check out all the cool shops on Front Street and the surrounding area.

Be sure to leave yourself enough time to explore Marietta, it’s a great little city!  From the parking lot next to the Armory, you can even cross the walking bridge to Harmar Village, another quaint neighborhood with more unique shops.

See you at the Marketplace!

Good News for Vendors

An announcement to vendors and would-be vendors!

After some consideration and seeking feedback, I have decided to lower the cost for spaces for 2015.  I’ve been trying to strike a balance between offering a quality event, making a (small) profit on this venture, and making the Marketplace an affordable venue for sellers.

Although I received very positive feedback from last year’s vendors and participants had successful events,  I don’t want the fees to take too big a cut frefund-clipart-Mdi7Ayxc9rom your revenue.  While some vendors have high priced items, others have lower price points and would need to sell a lot more to make the day a success.  That fact, along with the the distance some vendors travel and the fact we are an outdoor Marketplace, influenced my decision to lower the cost to vendors.

What does this mean?  Simple–a 10 x 10 space with your own tent is $60 instead of $75.  If you want 1/2 of a provided tent I rent from the city, the cost is $75 instead of $100.  I’ll work with you if you need a larger or smaller space.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID AN INVOICE, you will be refunded.  If you used Paypal, I’ll refund back to your account.  If you paid with a check, I will mail you a check.

Although I hope to grow this little venture into a larger regular event, I also want to help vendors get their amazing items in front of lots of people.  By lowering the fees, hopefully the Marketplace will provide a positive and successful experience to all involved.

See you at the Armory!