Good News for Vendors

An announcement to vendors and would-be vendors!

After some consideration and seeking feedback, I have decided to lower the cost for spaces for 2015.  I’ve been trying to strike a balance between offering a quality event, making a (small) profit on this venture, and making the Marketplace an affordable venue for sellers.

Although I received very positive feedback from last year’s vendors and participants had successful events,  I don’t want the fees to take too big a cut frefund-clipart-Mdi7Ayxc9rom your revenue.  While some vendors have high priced items, others have lower price points and would need to sell a lot more to make the day a success.  That fact, along with the the distance some vendors travel and the fact we are an outdoor Marketplace, influenced my decision to lower the cost to vendors.

What does this mean?  Simple–a 10 x 10 space with your own tent is $60 instead of $75.  If you want 1/2 of a provided tent I rent from the city, the cost is $75 instead of $100.  I’ll work with you if you need a larger or smaller space.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID AN INVOICE, you will be refunded.  If you used Paypal, I’ll refund back to your account.  If you paid with a check, I will mail you a check.

Although I hope to grow this little venture into a larger regular event, I also want to help vendors get their amazing items in front of lots of people.  By lowering the fees, hopefully the Marketplace will provide a positive and successful experience to all involved.

See you at the Armory!

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